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under the clear blue skies!!!

i am loving su!!!

25 March
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Im 21 this year turning 22 next year :D

i am a self confessed addict..
i am addicted to TVXQ..
i dont know when it started.. (actually i do.. may 9, 2008 2 PM)
i just love them so much..

i am in my senoir year in the University of the Philipines Manila..
i love ice cream and pizza..
i love spending time with my friends just talking about anything.. ( its a plus if its about DBSK)

I like Korean and Japanese music, movies, dramas and food.
I cant live without TV, music or internet for a week. (I need to have atleast one of those things.)

When stuck in traffic, i listen to DBSK songs and rant to my friends about how the vehicles are so not moving and stuff.
mY literature nowadays is mostly fanfics..(su couple fever)
i love the yoosu and other su couple. (but for me yoosu is number one)
i also like yunjae.

I can greet and introduce myself in korean and japanese.(my speaking prowess in both languages stops to that)
However i am completely and utterly besotted to the songs in those languages.
I just use the internet to search for their translation. (i dont know what id do without internet)

I cry a lot not because i have problems but because i like watching sad movies and reading sad fanfics..
i cry easily and i dont know why..

well, that's me...