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May. 23rd, 2016

I feel sad because someone who used to love Junsu comes off as a hater now.
I feel frustrated because she is supposed to show maturity since she is older than most fans but funny enough she acts more immature than them.
I should not care because its her business but i cant stop myself from feeling bad.
[red hairrrrr]
I wanted to have blue hair last January.
I wasnt in a hurry to get it done until it became april already 😂One day, my friend asked me if i wanted to get my hair colored with her and i chickened out of blue xD
I opted to have red hair instead.
So my hair was bleached and colored red xD
Everyday, the color still runs so idk until when it will stay red 😂
Here are some of my pics 👀

My timeline was a mess.
I hated seeing 1 certain issue from people who dont really care at all and just wants their fantasy.
Some people who were supposed to understand it more became dumbos.
Another issue also pops up in my timeline even though i muted the people who tweets about it. I muted some people i often talk too because of it.
However, some of my closest friends who i dont want to mute keeps rt-ing it.
And i know i shouldnt really care coz its their twitter but i just feel annoyed whenever i see it.
I feel like they are doing it on purpose ( even if im sure its not) but i cant help feeling like it.
I dont like thinking negtively like this. I love my friends i really do but i dont enjoy my old twitter's timeline.
Thus, i left my old twitter.

wala lang

So last saturday night, i was having dinner with a few workmates. Then suddenly, they thought of a plan to go somewhere thats about 1 1/2 hours away from my house. They kept pushing me to go with them but i didnt want to so i said no. I went home alone and all of them went to that fun place.

Just realized that i still dont cave in to peer pressure. Even when my closest friends make me drink alcohol, i still dont xD i might seem to be A party pooper to some but i just dont like doing things i dont like xD so even if they push me, i just stay in my place. we need to be really close for me to put effort in those kinds of outings or for me to do the things they ask with initiative. plus i enjoy my bed and wifi more than the outside world.

damn it 3rd album

So junsu decided to release his 3rd album earlier than i expected :/
He is going to release it on march and have concerts all over korea and japan which is good and not good.
Good coz he'll have concerts and not good because only in countries where i need to get a visa.

One of his concert in japan will be on my birthday and its such a bummer.
why couldnt he do it in HK or BKK instead ToT

well whatever i say, nothings gonna change
im just gonna pray for an asian tour.


I love travelling a lot.
I like experiencing the culture, taking pictures and eating local delicacies.
When i was younger, i did not have the resources to travel to different places.
My family just have enough money and we couldnt afford to travel and stay in hotels etc.
After graduating, i started working and i can finally afford to travel.
So when i had the money, I travelled to some places inside our country.
Just this year, i travelled outside the country for the first time.
I went to Singapore, Thailand and HK(for JYJ con).
It was super fun!
In two weeks, I'll be in thailand again.
Im excited to go back but.
As much as i love travelling, it really burns a hole to my bank account.
I feel guilty too coz im the only one in the family who is travelling around.
I try to ask my mom to travel but since my dad is working outside the country, we keep on waitng for him to comeback first.
I think this trip will be my last trip for sometime since i kind of noticed how much money im spending during this trips.
I wanna invest in something more tangible.
Experiences are good but in the end i want to be more responsible towards my family.


yoosu craving

I'm supposed to be writing a report but im so bored already LOL.

I've been craving for new yoosu fics.

I want one based on this, "The thing that hurts the most is loving someone who used to love you."

and this.

Yoosu being together during high school but broke up because of a misunderstanding and not enough communication. They met again and both have bitter feelings towards each other. Junsu started getting weird mails and packages which looks like from a stalker. He thought it was from Yoochun and confronted him. Yoochun is hurt because Junsu thought he was trying to hurt Junsu but still tries to protect the other. They eventually know what really happened during high school and who is Junsu's stalker. but is he really Junsu's stalker? LOL

*murmur*the twist is i dont wanna say it*murmur*

As i was telling Ren somehow i lost all my confidence in writing.

Its like my best is so embarassing that i dont even bother writing anymore. ToT

Oh well! Have a great day everyone :)



i am kinda finally settled now. I felt like i was all over the place the past 3 months.
Mom had her hysterectomy and everything looks to be okay now. Her wound is somewhat healed already and there were no complications. I am so thankful that she's okay and i was old enough to take care of her and manage the bills. I don't even know how to live without my mom. im so dependent on her :p Thank God!

My birthday just passed me by. I was so busy. I hope i'll be able to celebrate my birthday next year.